Potential of the healthcare Industry in developing countries

There exists a tremendous opportunity in developing countries in the healthcare industry. According to the last data released, the emergency medical services market is growing at a rate of 4.8% CAGR. Taking into account the per capita requirement v/s ambulances, many countries are far behind the developed nations and most of them need to move to a ratio of 1:60000 to improve the pre hospital care transfers. This will create huge opportunities for organized players who have trained manpower, expertise in protocols, call centre management , operations and technological excellence. Ziqitza Healthcare Limited through its initiative “Ziqitza International” with over 15 years of experience and operating 3500+ ambulances with 12000+ manpower with expertise in all types of Ambulance service is uniquely positioned to forge alliances with like minded companies who would like to be healthcare catalyst in their communities.

Country Total Ambulances Population Ratio
India 9,157 1,35,04,38,098 1:1,47,476
US 78,258 32,92,62,721 1:4,207
Singapore 80 58,73,416 1:73,418

Who can be a partner

Partner Opportunities

Ziqitza is looking for potential partners in developing countries so as to serve people across the world.

Here are some of the key requirements

  •  A high level of dedication and devotion to healthcare as a business
  •  Past experience and knowledge in successfully managing one's own business, especially in the service sector
  •   A strong entrepreneurial keenness and enthusiasm to be successful
  •  Sufficient amount of financial resources
  •  Potential to manage people
  •  A good professional and social status

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